Surrounded by idiots?

Sigmund says Sigmund Freud said: Bevor Sie bei sich selbst eine schwere Depression oder Antriebsschwäche diagnostizieren, stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie nicht komplett von Arschlöchern umgeben sind. In a somewhat more politically correct English: Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure you are not, in fact, just surrounded by idiots. This recent article in The Guardian looks at the topic of my previous post from a slightly Continue Reading

Four Yorkshiremen

The older I’ve got and the more I have learned about life, the more I have come to realize that I was borne at a very fortuitous time. (What I’m going to write will sound a bit like Four Yorkshiremen but so be it.) I spent my childhood in post-war Finland living on a small farm (we did have a floor and no holes in the roof though). I was about four Continue Reading

Axioms of psychiatry

I want to write a few posts about psychiatric care. As I wrote in a recent post I’ve come to realize that psychiatric care is inadequate in many ways in the western world. I believe that I need to declare a fundamental set of “axioms” (beliefs, assumptions) to be able to discuss many of the more practical problems in psychiatry later. Many decisions and treatments in psychiatry depend on such things as Continue Reading

Nation-level self-harm

With ever increasing astonishment I read this piece in The Atlantic. It’s about the self-censorship applied more and more extensively at US campuses to prevent students from becoming offended. Students become offended even by the sheer questioning of the policies that are put in place to prevent them from becoming offended. I guess I should apologize in advance for the “microagression” at the end of this sentence and give a “trigger warning” Continue Reading

We are failing the mentally ill

As I wrote in an earlier post, I’ve been thinking a lot about the sorry state of psychiatric care in the Western world (the only part of the world from which I happen to have information – I speculate that the state is even sadder in the developing world). Mental illnesses as a group cost the society more than cancer or cardiovascular diseases, between two and four percent of the GNP of Continue Reading

What is normal?

There will probably be some posts on psychiatry here going forward. I’m going to argue that psychiatric care is in dire need of a Silicon Valley type of disruption. More on that later. With this post I just wanted to share a couple of interesting quotes from the book Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience by Charles Zorumski and Eugene Rubin. A delusion is a fixed false belief that is outside the cultural context Continue Reading