Ubuntu is cool in many ways

I’m constantly fascinated by the phenomenon of open source software. I claim that a regular office worker or software developer would (after a learning period) have the same productivity using a computer running Linux as when using a computer running Windows. The office suite of Linux may not be every bit as sophisticated as the corresponding package on Windows but then again, how many percent of the functions in Word or Excel Continue Reading

Running my own servers

Being a bit of a control freak I have always wanted to have full control over my information, to decide what to make searchable through Google, to decide who gets access to what photos and documents and so on. I therefore run my own blog server, my own photo server and I store my documents on my own ssh file server instead of in the cloud (despite of all the free gigabytes). Continue Reading

No Unity yet

I’ve been making up my mind for some time about the Unity user interface for Ubuntu as I have been running it on several computers. First of all, with a risk of sounding like the grumpy old man I am, I generally dislike the idea of reshuffling an MMI (man-machine interface) too often and too radically. Would you feel safe if you knew that Boeing and Airbus would rearrange all the controls Continue Reading

The Disruption is Here

The book Innovator’s Dilemma by Clayton Christensen discusses how initially inferior technologies may eventually displace existing technologies. Christensen calls these technologies “disruptive technologies”. Christensen’s favourite example is hard drives for computers in which market the incumbent almost never made the leap to the next level of miniaturisation successfully. It was not because they lacked the technical expertise but because they were “stuck” with a large and profitable base of existing customers for Continue Reading

A tribute to Open Source Software

This web site and blog came about mainly as a technical experiment; I wanted to learn how to get a web server and a blog up and running on my desk in my study. It turned out to be rather easy! The blog is therefore still wanting in purpose, or rather, its purpose will most likely shift from a pure technical experiment to something else, we’ll see… I took the opportunity to Continue Reading