Going virtual

Hopefully it doesn’t show but this site has gone virtual. I’m slowly upgrading my home IT strategy meaning that I will upgrade my main server to run a RAID and I have virtualized the Ubuntu machine that now runs my web server. As a virtual machine host I’m running VMWare Player (the free version) which has proven to be rather stable (except when you double-click on a virtual machine file to start the player – it sometimes hangs).

I’m hoping thus to get more protected from the inevitable hard disk crash. I will be able to run a full backup of the whole computer with all its configurations and I will be able to quickly move the machine to another host when the crash comes.

At the same time I have retired the ftp server and webdav configuration I have been running in favor of ssh file system (SSHFS). It requires a copy of your private certificate on each machine from which you wish to access the server. For additional protection, a password is needed for using the certificate. With the double security of a certificate and a password the login should be pretty safe, safer than the username and password only ftp login. The SSHFS can be mounted over internet which means that I always have access to the files on my home computer in a secure way.

I have collected some random Ubuntu hints here.

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