No more restarts (?)

I have been quite irritated over the multitude of updates to the Linux kernel and the subsequent restarts of my main development computer which runs Ubuntu 13.04. The same goes for my Windows 7 work computer and my Windows 7 home theater computer for which I sometimes have to wait several minutes before I can start watching a missed program on SVTPlay. How hard can it be I wonder. Ericsson’s AXE phone exchanges were always updated on the fly, with zero downtime. And that was in the 1980’s (or perhaps even earlier). Obviously it can be done and it has been done. And it should be done!

I have now installed the Ksplice Uptrack Manager from Oracle and hope for many fewer restarts as it promises to handle kernel updates without a reboot. Seeing is believing though so I’m not celebrating quite yet. But I’m excited, and eagerly waiting for the next kernel update.

Ready for the next update.

One thought on “No more restarts (?)

  1. Unfortunately this doesn’t work with the 12.04 server LTS edition that I “downgraded” to when I installed my RAID configuration. It says the kernel is a “beta”. I also tried the manual installation instructions but it bugged out at the command echo ‘uptrack uptrack/accesskey string INSERT_ACCESS_KEY’ | debconf-set-selections. Since Ksplice didn’t remove all the restarts, only those related to security fixes, I don’t want to spend the time required to find a work-around.

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