Here’s a conspiracy theory as good as any

The other day I stumbled upon the Your Books list of Amazon Kindle. The intention seems to be to suggest new books based on the books you have already bought (probably) based on the buying patterns of other customers. Of some reason this list is not the same as the list of recommendations you get on the regular Amazon home page.

To my surprise I found, in my list, at least 15 books by a pastor, R.C. Sproul and a random pick of other books about Christianity. Not a single book on Islam, Hinduism or Norse religion. I was left wondering how the all-mighty algorithms of Amazon might have reasoned when they selected all these books for me.

The only book about a religious topic I have bought is a book named The Portable Atheist. Might this be the reason for the barrage of Christian books. Who did it and why? Lefts you wondering…

I should add that I tried to get Amazon support to understand that I was a little bit annoyed by what looked very much like proselytizing, be it by a human or by an algorithm. They could absolutely not understand what I was talking about. They told me to remove the books that I didn’t like from the list.

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