Privacy, what privacy?

There are about 20 apps on my Android phone waiting for me to grant them additional privileges. wants to: “find accounts on the device” “test access to protected storage” “modify or delete the contents of your USB storage” Facebook takes it to a totally different level. It has the longest list of access grants that I’ve seen. Among other things it wants to: “read your contacts” “modify your contacts” “read calendar Continue Reading

Sanity prevails

Yesterday the Swedish Supreme Administrative Court announced that the Computer Tax that I rather vehemently disagreed with in my previous post has been ruled illegal. There is still justice and sanity in the neighborhood. Read about it for instance here.

Swedish students slapped with a Computer Tax

Sweden is fantastic in many ways. This is not one of them: Back in the 90’s the Swedish government wanted to encourage Swedes to get connected and to learn how to use computers. We would get a tax deduction for buying a computer and broadband installations were subsidised. A few years later schools (particularly of the for-profit persuation) started to give laptops to their students. Since then we’ve seen many Swedish information Continue Reading

The future leaves the past behind

Almost five years ago I got very excited when I first stumbled upon Spotify. I wrote that I had seen the future. It’s great that at least the odd prediction actually comes true. Spotify is not the future anymore but very much the present. Some artists resisted at length but recently some of the biggest acts in the history of popular music like Metallica and Pink Floyd have released their work on Continue Reading

Ubuntu is cool in many ways

I’m constantly fascinated by the phenomenon of open source software. I claim that a regular office worker or software developer would (after a learning period) have the same productivity using a computer running Linux as when using a computer running Windows. The office suite of Linux may not be every bit as sophisticated as the corresponding package on Windows but then again, how many percent of the functions in Word or Excel Continue Reading

Running my own servers

Being a bit of a control freak I have always wanted to have full control over my information, to decide what to make searchable through Google, to decide who gets access to what photos and documents and so on. I therefore run my own blog server, my own photo server and I store my documents on my own ssh file server instead of in the cloud (despite of all the free gigabytes). Continue Reading

No more restarts (?)

I have been quite irritated over the multitude of updates to the Linux kernel and the subsequent restarts of my main development computer which runs Ubuntu 13.04. The same goes for my Windows 7 work computer and my Windows 7 home theater computer for which I sometimes have to wait several minutes before I can start watching a missed program on SVTPlay. How hard can it be I wonder. Ericsson’s AXE phone Continue Reading

Going virtual

Hopefully it doesn’t show but this site has gone virtual. I’m slowly upgrading my home IT strategy meaning that I will upgrade my main server to run a RAID and I have virtualized the Ubuntu machine that now runs my web server. As a virtual machine host I’m running VMWare Player (the free version) which has proven to be rather stable (except when you double-click on a virtual machine file to start Continue Reading

A boring truth

A boring truth seldom taught in success seminars is that clear, logical thinking and simply plodding ahead with a plan are great tools for success in life. Richard Brodie, Virus of the Mind