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Published by Arto Jarvinen on 13 Sep 2014

The return of StarUML

Way back I used StarUML as a quality system manual (process) modeling tool and then used a home-grown code generator to create web pages for WordPress representing the quality system manual. The diagrams on this page are for instance created in StarUML. StarUML was very easy to use and to customize and it had excellent documentation too. Unfortunately the open source project was discontinued which led me to try to create something own in Eclipse and later to use EPF.

Eclipse (the frameworks EMF, GMF and GEF) is a very general and versatile platform meaning that one needs to do a ton of boilerplate code to get something to happen like to synchronize a tree editor with a diagram editor. It’s also a patchwork with many similar but not identical concepts; there are for instance several different “Editing Domains” and “Command Stacks”, almost, but not quite, doing the same thing.

EPF is ok but it’s a bit of a committee product and everything is hard-coded such as which attributes each modeling element has. The attributes may or may not make sense in a given organization. I have ended up stripping away quite a lot of generated HTML to simplify things.

So I’m delighted to notice that StarUML is back! There seems to be a new version 2.0 coming up. Read more about it here.

Published by Arto Jarvinen on 16 Feb 2014

Cleaning up

I have given up my graphical editor (GMF) project a second time. The reason is that although it is rather simple to get something to work, it’s extremely difficult to get everything to work. The main reason is that the different parts that you need for creating a complete graphical editor seem to be created at different times by different people. They use the same design patterns but different class libraries. The different frameworks have concepts such as Command, Editing Domain, Undo Context, but they are not implemented with the same classes. To be able to get them to work together, a lot of “wrapping” of classes and handling of several instances of almost the same class is necessary and the end result becomes a mess. Too much of a mess to keep in memory if not working with it on a daily basis.

To clean up this blog I have made all the Eclipse EMF, GMF, and GEF posts private, i.e. invisible for the external reader. If you wish to discuss any aspects of those frameworks or give me a hint as to how to go forward with less intellectual effort, then please drop me an email.

Published by Arto Jarvinen on 23 Apr 2012

Not yet quite civilized

Civilization advances by extending the number of important operations which we can perform without thinking of them.

Alfred North Whitehead