I have realized that engineers use words differently from other people. When an engineer says “problem” he or she often doesn’t mean anything negative (except in “Houston, we have a problem”). Problems are engineers’ raison d’ĂȘtre; engineers thrive on solving problems. When the problems get tough, the tough engineers get going.

The same goes for the word “risk”. We have “risk lists” in our projects. We do “risk mitigation”. There are entire companies filled with brilliant engineers doing nothing but “risk management”.

Using the words “problem” and “risk” in some other contexts, like with the sales team, may not always be a good idea though. The lone engineer may come out as downer, an overly pessimistic person, who’s not willing to “see the opportunities instead of the problems” (a popular clichĂ© at least in Sweden).

So I realize I need a better word than the “risk backlog” i just invented in my previous post. What about “discovery backlog”? We don’t have to call the items “risks”, they are just things that we currently don’t know. Like if anybody is going to buy our product or if the quantum drive will really work as intended. We need to sooner or later discover those things. I can’t really wrap my brain around “opportunity backlog”.