A tribute to open source software

This web site and blog came about mainly as a technical experiment; I wanted to learn how to get a web server and a blog up and running on my desk in my study. It turned out to be rather easy! The blog is therefore still wanting in purpose, or rather, its purpose will most likely shift from a pure technical experiment to something else, we’ll see…

Not knowing very much about open source at all I fired up Google… I ended up downloading and installing the (at that point to me not at all) well-known LAMP configuration:

  • Linux (operating system, in this case the Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron)
  • Apache (web server)
  • MySQL (database server)
  • PHP (server side script execution environment)

As a blog server I chose WordPress, mostly because of its huge selection of themes (appearances) and its integration with the MySQL database that I already had installed.

The whole setup works great and took far less time to install and get up and running than I had imagined. All the drivers for the old laptop are there. And the cost of the software is a very reasonable zero.

I therefore bow and thank all you people out there in Open Source Land who add so much value to the world and make my web server tick.

The good-looking Ubuntu desktop and the quality of all the installed software put me in such a good mood that I felt an urge to purchase the very fine Ubuntu mug on the picture below (next to my beaten-up laptop with its brand-new hard disk and open source software).


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