Technology that “just works”

I’m interested in many aspects of the world including politics, culture, and sports but if I have to choose one single identity for myself, I think it is that of an engineer. I guess one sign of that is that technology that “just works” makes me really happy. I feel great joy when I get my own hobby software projects to “just work” and I sometimes still smile for myself when I negotiate the muddy dirt-road to the stable or 20 cm of snow with my Toyota 4WD hauling a horse trailer. That vehicle “just works”.

It just works!

I got the inspiration to write this short post on a more environmentally friendly transportation, the southbound X2000 fast train. I have been listening to Spotify for about an hour through the 3G mobile network without any interruptions (the network actually went down a couple of times but Spotify continued playing until it got reconnected). Through small cities with names that only train travellers and the inhabitants remember and the deep forests of Småland it kept on playing Mahavishnu Orchestra and Madonna. I have a smile on my face.

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