Under resurrection…

This blog has been dormant for a few years because of other priorities. Unbelievable as it is, I’m nearing retirement and have started thinking about how to spend all those lazy days while keeping what’s left of my stamina and wits. I hope to be able to run and ride snowboard and MTB for yet some time. I also still have an undiminished urge to learn new things, to celebrate the creativity and rationality of humans, and to nag about the sometimes limitless stupidity and irrationality of the same humans. For clarity, I’m human too.

A good way to understand something is to try to explain it to somebody else, a variant of the “Feyman method”. While I hope that what I write can be useful or interesting to others, it is mainly a tool for me to understand the world.

My fingers are itching. So much has happened since I was here the last time: the pandemic, decline of free speech and democracy, rapid climate change, large language models, revival of research into the big mystery of consciousness, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, developments (or lack thereof) in healthcare and much more.

Stay tuned!

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